Author: Jin Sung

  • Learning Swift – Calculator App, part 1

    As part of my course work for Design Studio (LDT550) at Penn State, I am learning how to program in Swift (Apple’s iOS programming language) using xCode 6 beta.  In particular, I am working with Dr. Simon Hooper to get some of the basics down by programming a simple calculator. Here is my progress… First […]

  • ICON Lab move, VOIP phone logistics, Getting the new building connected

    What’s keeping me busy this week? Finalizing the Immersive Construction Lab (ICON Lab) move details Transitioning phone service to VOIP in preparation to the move Getting equipment ready for Comcast to connect the new building (Building 661) Finalizing the Immersive Construction Lab (ICON Lab) move details We had our second meeting yesterday with Christie Digital […]

  • CBEI and long overdue update

    My last post was January 2013 when I started working at my, then, new job at the EEB Hub. A lot has happened since. I have been here for 1.5 years and I can honestly say I could not have predicted that this job would shape into what it has become. First of all, we […]

  • First day at EEB Hub

    Wow.  Where has the time gone?  World Campus was all someone could ask for from an employer – great people, support, experience, and more.  However, I could not pass up the opportunity that was given to me by the Energy Efficent Buildings HUB (  I am still technically working for Penn State – as the […]

  • Omnidisksweeper – finding and delete big files from my Mac

    Today is my second to last day as  Multimedia Specialist at World Campus Learning Design.  I am in the process of cleaning up my computers.  I am doing a secure erase on my main computers, but I am choosing to keep one of the computers intact since it has some legacy software that will be […]

  • JW Player, Play playlist item by filename, rather than index

    Problem: I have a playlist of 45 items that will be played via javascript throughout one page (it’s a glossary page with audio files).  I found myself repeatedly making mistakes on which index belongs to what word.  As it stands, you would have to remember that the 40th item belongs to a specific word and […]

  • Multicam editing in Premiere Pro CS6 and its many quirks

    So we (World Campus Learning Design Multimedia Specialists: Brian Strauss, Pete Warren, and myself) went on a very interesting video shoot recently. This was for a psychology class modeling some simulated psychotherapy sessions; we were able to get students from the Penn State theater department to do an excellent job as patients and therapists. This […]

  • WordPress theme updated, new Lightbox plugin

    Decided it was time to update the theme. Now moved over to Brunelleschi 1.5.3 by Kit MacAllister. I’m all about letting the content speak for itself. I don’t like bright colors. I don’t like light fonts on dark backgrounds. The layout should be exactly the same, so hopefully no one will get lost. As I […]

  • CRIMJ 450W: Racial Percentages, Version 2

    The instructor requested some changes, so we revamped the look/feel as well as the functionality of this short self-assessment exercise. Original can be found at CRIMJ 450w Racial Percentages, Version 1. There’s been a change in Instructional Designer for the course, so now it’s Kristin Bittner. Feature added: Sliders instead of dropdown menus. Instead of […]

  • Snap by Lectora Quick Review

    I had a chance to play around with Snap by Lectora ( for a few hours.  It is marketed as a e-Learning Software for PowerPoint presentations with a Roulette guide and strategy.  Their main marketing strategy is presenting themselves as a low cost competitor to Articulate Studio ( and Adobe Presenter (  Since one of […]