INSYS 100 2.0

Original Designer: Karl Leitzel

Original programmer: Nikki Massaro Kauffman

Instructional Designer: Dong Li

Programmer/Designer: Jin Sung An

INSYS 100 Summer 2008

Design challenges:

  • Fixed height/width design for a dynamically created page
  • If there are too many pages, the left TOC gets too long and breaks the look and feel of the design

Changes from version 1.0 (fa07)

  • The content area was enlarged to 660×400
  • Some colors were changed
  • The top navigation was taken out to save real estate
  • The entire template, left navigation, header were “framed” using borders/background colors
  • Button colors were changed accordingly
  • Toc changed to more traditional, “case-like” look
  • Default image issue (where a different image flashed for a split second fixed
  • Background image (world map) made lighter for readability

Screenshots for comparison:

INSYS 100 Summer 2008

Insys 100 1.0 CASE Template

TOC for comparison:

Insys 100 2.0 TOC Screenshot

Insys 100 1.0 TOC Screenshot

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