About Me

Jin An headshot

Jin Sung An

Computer Technologies Instructor at Delaware Technical Community College

A little about me…

I am an ecclectic person – to say the least. Though many of my values have stayed constant over the years, the circumstances around me have shifted dramatically. My early years were spent in Asia; I went to pre-school and elementary school in South America, and my adolescent and adult life has gone from the big city life outside New York City, to the (sometimes) quiet hush of central Pennsylvania, and back to city life in the Greater Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area. My “first” language has changed twice, and I’ve bounced around careers and departments.

Now with my life half over, things are settling down. I know I like working with people instead and solve problems rather than doing repetitive tasks. I know I have to earn my keep and support my family, and while I enjoy going to work, I don’t mind leaving it all behind when it’s time to go home.

Formal Education

  • Penn State, Master of Education in Learning, Design, and Technology
  • Penn State, Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering
  • Fort Lee High School (Bergen County, New Jersey)