“Spring Break” Coding Camp

Are you a high schooler that wants to learn the basics of computer programming? Have you gone through block programming games like “Hour of Code” ( https://code.org/learn) and wished you could do more “real” programming?

Join me in a free online class next week (Monday 3/16 through Thursday 3/19) 8PM-9PM as we learn the basics of programming and design simple games using GreenFoot (https://www.greenfoot.org/door).

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Basics of computers (input, output, processing)
  • Variables (memory)
  • Boolean logic
  • Control structures (if/else, loops, etc.)
  • Classes and objects
  • Event handling

I teach Computer Science at Delaware Technical Community College; I have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Penn State and a master’s degree in Education from Penn State. Here’s some unfiltered feedback from a Computer Science 1 course I taught a few semesters ago from the students:

Please state one or two strengths of the instructor(s):

“Friendly, helpful, knows his stuff’
“Gave a lot of feedback to help the students. Made sure students understood what was being taught and was very interested in letting the students learn.”
“The man is a computer science wizard”
“Wants the class to succeed”

I am supposedly “computer science wizard,” so, come one, come all! Bring a friend if you can; it’ll be more fun if you know someone in the class.

The format of the class will be live, video lectures at night and you spending however much time you want during the day experimenting and learning on your own. You’ll only learn if you choose to invest into the course and you are actually interested in learning.

E-mail me at jinsungpsu@gmail.com if you are interested. I’m going to cap the class at ten students, but may accept a few more depending on the situation.

Minimum requirements: computer with webcam/microphone. Decent math skills. Some block programming or real programming experience would be helpful. High school age students only, please!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon! Happy Spring Break!