WordPress theme updated, new Lightbox plugin

Decided it was time to update the theme. Now moved over to Brunelleschi 1.5.3 by Kit MacAllister. I’m all about letting the content speak for itself. I don’t like bright colors. I don’t like light fonts on dark backgrounds. The layout should be exactly the same, so hopefully no one will get lost.

As I was updating my theme and plugins, I realized that the lightbox wasn’t working on some of my posts. I also decided that I wanted to have the ability to use a modal lightbox for iFrame content. Now I have moved to Pirobox (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pirobox-extended-for-wp-v10/) from the jQuery lightbox plugin. I liked the flexibility and simplicity of Pirobox. It automatically detects images in posts and adds class=”pirobox_gall”. Additionally, I can add manually add it, in addition to attributes like rel=”iframe-650-450″ to a <a> tag for iFrames. Overall, I am please with how easy it was to add and how the finished product looks.

You can see how the iFrame lightbox looks on this post – CRIMJ 450W, Racial Percentages, Version 2
You can see how the img gallery lightbox looks on this post – Snap by Lectora Quick Review