Adobe Max Day 1 – short update

I have a bit of downtime between breakfast and the first session, so I’ll do the abridged update now and do the long one later.

Sessions attended:
9:30AM – General Session
11:30AM – Ten After Effects CS4 Features for Designers Who Use Flash
2:00PM – Standout Motion Graphics with After Effects CS4 and Flash CS4
3:30PM – Introduction to Animation with Flash CS4 Professional
5:00PM – Open Screen Project: Delivering Rich Internet Experiences Across Devices
6:30PM – Welcome Reception in Community Pavilion

Personal Thoughts:
Every time we had to fill out a session survey, there was a multiple choice question to identify the survey-taker. There were two bubbles indicating: designer and developer (among others). I don’t think I know where I fall. I know it’s somewhere in between, but I don’t even have the slightest idea of where in between I am.

Ideas to follow up on:
Offline courses using AIR.
Multiple screens.
PSU or WC browser using AIR/Flex.

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