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  • Design Studio FA14 Final project and presentation, Swift Calculator

    The last few things tweaked in the calculator are mostly related to the logic of the calculator.  It is very, very streamlined compared to where I started.  It was a classic case of I spent about 10 hours to REDUCE the number of lines of code.  This is where the state diagram was worth its […]

  • Learning Swift: Calculator App, part 5. Revamping the logic/design

    This is part 5 of my Learning Swift Calculator App. This update is mostly about the code structure and design decision about the calculator and its behavior. Technical lessons learned: Adding variable values in the middle of the string is so much easier using the following format – “blah blah blah and I am going […]

  • Learning Swift: Calculator App, part 4. Autolayout

    This is part 4 of my Learning Swift Calculator App. Progress: UI elements will be evenly distributed on any size screen and orientation. Lessons learned: Autolayout is a wonderful thing and Apple does their best to help developers who would prefer to develop using the GUI rather than code, but, if you don’t understand the underlying […]

  • Learning Swift: Calculator App, part 3. IBOutlet and button touch highlighting

    This is part 3 of my Learning Swift Calculator App. Progress Working on UIX (visual cue that a button has been touched) Lessons learned: Yes – there is only one item on this update.  Adding a state change when a button is touched sent me down a long rabbit hole I did not expect would […]

  • Learning Swfit: Calculator App, part 2. Case, Auto Layout, Variable types

    This is part 2 of my Learning Swift Calculator App. Progress: +, -, x operations are now functional decimals also work Lessons learned: It’s easy to get caught up on a new programming language and forget to use universal concepts of programming that would have made my life a lot easier In my haste (and […]

  • Learning Swift – Calculator App, part 1

    As part of my course work for Design Studio (LDT550) at Penn State, I am learning how to program in Swift (Apple’s iOS programming language) using xCode 6 beta.  In particular, I am working with Dr. Simon Hooper to get some of the basics down by programming a simple calculator. Here is my progress… First […]